Case Café 3 Corações: Discover another successful case from the GEP COSTDRIVERS platform.

November 2022

Café 3 Corações received a notification from one of the suppliers. He claimed that, as of 01/02/2023, there would be a 21% increase in some raw material items.


This supplier was used to communicating the adjustments to the company Café 3 Corações and there was no way of analyzing the company. With all the transformation of supplies, Café 3 Corações’ behavior this time was different.

Technology in favor of the buyer

They collected the indicators shown by the supplier to verify this 21% adjustment. They gathered the supplier’s cost composition information and contacted the intelligence team to set up a CostBreakdown within the GEP COSTDRIVERS platform.

What was the result in practice?

Within the total composition, it was noticed that some items increased and others decreased. Thus, they carried out projections based on the representation of the final cost. After analysis, they came to the conclusion that the adjustment should be 14%, not 21%.

Win-to-win ratio

We highlight an important relationship that the buyer must establish with suppliers, which is a win-win relationship. The Café 3 Corações Company was concerned about the health of the supplier, so they returned for a new meeting with the supplier.

Detailed report

After presenting the correct result of 14% adjustment and all the detailed report generated by the platform, Café 3 Corações received a big surprise.

Positive Feedback

Even before the final result, this supplier gave feedback that, in his entire life, he had never received a report as complete and with as many details from any client as the one he received from Café 3 Corações.


Thanks to the CostDrivers platform, Café 3 Corações went from impacted to impactful. And that is the buyer’s mission!

Our goal is to ensure that you, the buyer, are equipped with all the information necessary to make the best decision for your business.

Thanks to the GEP COSTDRIVERS platform, the company Café 3 Corações went from impacted to impactful. And that is the buyer’s mission!

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