Information to meet any need


Engage in competitive benchmarking to achieve an advantage when
it is time to negotiate


Develop, compare and contrast a full range of sustainable cost models for greener outcomes

Marketing and Sales

Do pipeline planning for products based on accurate information on raw material prices and factors of production

Controlling and Finance

Get accurate data for forecasts & planning projections for your company

You just need one platform for cost and supplier management

Understand which negotiations between your company and suppliers are aligned with the market average, make projections, and reduce costs strategically

Improve Productivity

COSTDRIVERS optimizes time for professionals who need to apply relevant information in B2B finance processes, negotiations, or product development

Drive Sustainability

Platform enables sourcing, product and supply chain professionals to develop, compare and contrast a full range of sustainable cost models for greener outcomes

Used Across Multiple Areas

The COSTDRIVERS platform offers specialized technical support to connect information between the purchasing, controlling, and sales areas, increasing the number of competitive advantages compared to competitors

Comprehensive Scope

The COSTDRIVERS platform offers thousands of indicators related to macroeconomics, commodities, and other industrial, operational, and production costs in more than 40 countries

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Optimize the time of your earnings, reduce costs, increase performance in the areas of Purchasing, Finance and new product development with COSTDRIVERS

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