Who is the Buyer in the Procurement universe?

In the world of procurement, the buyer is an important figure for the success of a company. The buyer is responsible for finding and acquiring products for the company, ensuring that they are available for sale to the end consumer. But who is the buyer and what are their functions? In this article, we will […]

The rapid changes in the world and in the purchasing areas with technology

With the constant advancement of technology, the purchasing area has undergone significant changes, and it is necessary to stay updated to keep up with the transformations that technology can offer. Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Data Driven, Cloud Computing, RPA, E-Procurement, and Machine Learning are some of the technologies that are revolutionizing the way purchases […]

The Main Purchasing and Procurement Events in 2023

The Main Purchasing and Procurement Events in 2023   Purchasing and procurement events are essential for those who work in this area, as they allow for exchange of experiences, knowledge and networking among professionals and industry suppliers.    They enable industry professionals to stay updated with the latest market trends and practices, which is crucial […]

ESG and its importance in the procurement sector

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a term that has gained prominence in the corporate world in recent years.   These three pillars refer to environmental, social, and governance issues that companies need to take into account to be considered sustainable and responsible.   In the procurement sector, ESG plays a fundamental […]

How to solve 4 purchasing sector challenges in 2020

Deloitte’s research shows that the purchasing sector is even more complex, entering a new decade facing new challenges and having several strategic opportunities ahead within the company and also throughout the supply chain. With global supply chains, the risk of disruptions due to political or economic problems is just one of the challenges that will […]