Buyer’s Life: How to deal with urgent requests?

The week has barely started and your email is already filled with more than 35,421 urgent purchase requests.

Buyer’s Life

If, at this point, you have not received a barrage of emails, messages or calls requesting your assistance in fulfilling one of these urgent requests, consider yourself fortunate that your day and perhaps even your week are getting off to a smooth start.

Beyond luck

However, there may be another perspective besides a good dose of luck: your planning is starting to show effectiveness.

But after all, can’t there be emergency/urgent purchases?

The answer is yes, of course! This is foreseen in all processes. Even with risks calculated in the best way possible, unforeseen events can occur.

Attention! What should not happen is that ALL purchases are labeled as urgent.

All it takes is a good dose of coffee, a look at the RC to realize: A proper planning strategy would have prevented such a scenario.


It is extremely important that everyone involved in the operation understands the process, to collaborate in the definition of strategic planning that reduces the need to deal with urgent demands almost daily.

Emergency x Urgency

Emergency: Directly affects production and paralyzes it, requiring immediate and comprehensive intervention.

Urgency: Unforeseen occurrences, with or without potential risk to the operation, that require immediate treatment, but still allow a period for an adequate response.

It’s important to remember: in some situations, supplies may not be able to immediately meet your emergency or urgent demand, nor at the time you believe it is needed.

Even in immediate treatment processes, they may face other issues that we must follow to ensure quality, safety and compliance.

Additionally, it is important to remember that no supplier we contact may have the material or service immediately available.

They serve several companies and are not exclusive to our business. Additionally, other companies may have faced the same problem.

Therefore, we reinforce the importance of investing in PLANNING.

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