Updated August 11, 2022. 

Our website uses cookies to improve performance and enhance your browsing experience. Certain areas of our website also use cookies to understand more about you and so that we can provide you with a more personalized browsing experience. By continuing to use this website, you acknowledge that we may install cookies or other similar technologies on your equipment, including mobile devices, if you consent to this practice.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, containing a little information about your access, that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. These files allow the website to recognize your equipment and record your interaction on the website’s pages. The term “cookie” may be used to describe a number of technologies, including but not limited to pixel tags, web beacons and mobile device identifiers.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies perform many different tasks, such as optimizing your browsing through pages, remembering your preferences, and personalizing your browsing experience. They even help ensure that the ads and other content you see online are relevant to you. In addition, they are used to collect statistical data. 

How are Cookies used by Costdrivers? 

Costdrivers uses the following types of Cookies:

Essential Cookies – Essential cookies are necessary for the Websites to function and to provide the services to you, based on our legitimate interest. Without these cookies, the websites will not function as well as we would like them to and we may not be able to provide certain services or features associated with them.

Preferences Cookies – Preferences cookies collect information about your choices and preferences, allowing our websites to remember the language, location, device used or other settings so that your experience is personalized according to these preferences. These cookies are used based on your consent and you can activate and deactivate them at any time.

Analytical/Statistical Cookies – Analytical cookies collect information about the use of the websites, allowing us to improve their operation. Analytical cookies, for example, show us which pages are most visited on the websites, help us track any difficulties users may experience when navigating the websites, and show us whether or not our advertising is effective. These cookies are used based on your consent and you can activate and deactivate them at any time.

Advertising/Marketing Cookies – Advertising cookies are used for marketing purposes, allowing us to target the ads that appear to you based on your interests. The goal is to make advertising content more relevant to you, improve reporting on campaign performance, and avoid showing ads you’ve already seen. These cookies are used based on your consent and you can activate and deactivate them at any time.

Within these four categories, cookies can be classified as “session” or “persistent” cookies. “Session” cookies are temporary and once you close your browser window they will be deleted from your device. On the other hand, the “persistent” ones remain on your device until their expiration date and are used by the website to recognize your device when you return. 

Do we use third-party cookies?

Some cookies we use are from other companies, such as Google Analytics, to provide us with analytical intelligence about our websites. These companies use programming codes to collect information about your interaction with our websites, such as the pages you visit, the links you click on, and how long you stay connected to our websites. This code is only active while you are on the Costdrivers website. 

What other tracking technologies do we use?

We may also use web beacons (including conversion pixels) or other technologies for similar purposes and may include them on our websites, in marketing email messages, or in our newsletters and affiliate websites to determine whether the messages were opened and if the links were clicked. Web beacons do not install information on your device, but they can work together with cookies to monitor website activity. Conversion pixels are small codes located on a particular web page that change when someone visits the page, increasing the conversion count.

What if I don’t want cookies?

By using our website, you agree that we may install cookies on your device, as explained below. On your first access, a “cookie banner” will appear informing you about the use of cookies on our website, and, with the exception of essential cookies, you can activate or deactivate them at any time. If you want to remove unnecessary cookies from your device, you can do so by using your browser options. If you want to block future cookies on your device, you can change your browser settings to do so. 

Please keep in mind that deleting and blocking cookies will impact your user experience as parts of the website may not function properly.

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy, please contact us via email: dpo@costdrivers.com

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