Ethics Program

The fundamental premise of the Ethics and Compliance Program of Datamark Ltda is to promote corporate actions that are aligned within the criteria of integrity and ethics in the company’s activities and thus promote ethical conduct and integrity. 

Ethical principles aim at preserving human dignity, valuing life while respecting the physical and moral integrity of all people, individual differences and the diversity of social groups.

Datamark Ltda promotes its Ethics and Compliance Program through the Ethics Committee, which will disclose and implement this Code of Ethics and Conduct and will adopt the measures relevant to the demands that are sent to it.

Code Oversight

Datamark Ltda strives to effectively comply with its Code of Ethics and Conduct in all its aspects, including through its management body. The Ethics Committee is the body responsible for the dissemination and compliance with the code, in order to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.

It is up to the Committee to assess the need to create internal rules, demanding actions for their development.

The Committee also has the following responsibilities:

• Define and ensure the ethical principles to be followed by all employees;
• Maintain and widely disseminate this Code of Ethics and Conduct;
• Treat all matters brought to its knowledge in the strictest confidence, preserving the image interests of the company and the employees involved;
• Meet at least 01 (once) a year, to carry out a critical analysis of the content of this code of ethics and conduct.

Policies and Practices


Datamark Ltda is committed to equal opportunities and promotes a work environment based on respect and dignity, not tolerating any discriminatory behavior.

Datamark Ltda requires that all its employees treat each other with warmth, honesty and ethics, and any discrimination against employees or candidates due to race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, marital, or parental status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic specified in anti-discrimination legislation. Likewise, moral and sexual harassment are prohibited.


Datamark Ltda is committed to actively preventing corruption in all forms, complying with the provisions contained in Law 12.846/2013, condemning all forms of corruption and bribery, not using corrupt or unethical practices in order to obtain or give undue advantage, preventing practices of illegal acts and taking all necessary measures to Combat Money Laundering and Prevent Terrorism Financing and Corruption.

Illegal and/or child labor

Datamark Ltda declares not to employ directly or indirectly products or services under 18 years old on night work, or under 16 years old except in the condition of apprentice from 14 years old and in this case the work can not be dangerous or unhealthy or not allow school attendance as established in Article 7. Item XXXIII of the Federal Constitution, do not use, directly or indirectly, illegal or slave-like work, servitude, forced labor or human trafficking.


Datamark Ltda is committed to free enterprise and fair competition. Therefore, it strictly complies with applicable antitrust and competition laws and takes the necessary measures to ensure that its business practices are always in compliance with the general rules of antitrust law to ensure a free, vigorous and competitive market.

Disciplinary sanctions

Violation of any conduct and guidelines of this Code of Ethics and Conduct may lead to disciplinary action. Every employee of Datamark Ltda must report to management any type of violation of laws, internal regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Datamark Ltda.

Complaints regarding non-compliance with the rules of conduct and ethics will be investigated by the Ethics Committee.

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